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How much cannbis can I have at home?

Manitobans aged 19 and up can possess up to 30 grams of non-medical cannabis in public. There is no limit in a federal or provincial Act as to the amount of dried (or equivalent in non-dried) non-medical cannabis that can be in a person’s possession within the home. However, growing non-medical cannabis at home is prohibited in Manitoba.

How much cannabis can a driver or passenger posses?

The 30-gram per person limit for possession of non-medical cannabis by Manitobans aged 19 and up applies to drivers and passengers in vehicles, as long as the cannabis is properly stowed.

What is considered safe storage and transport of cannabis in a vehicle?

As per the Highway Traffic Act, cannabis must be stored in the trunk, an exterior compartment on the vehicle or another space in the vehicle designed for the carriage of goods or baggage that is not readily accessible to any person in the vehicle

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